Transforming Lives at Havelock Housing: A Beacon of Hope

At Havelock Housing, we’re not just providing affordable homes; we’re creating
communities where hope flourishes and dreams are reborn. Our CEO, Tim Sunwoo,
believes that “every individual deserves a place to call home, a sanctuary where they can
grow and thrive.”

This vision drives our mission to offer more than just housing but a foundation for
rebuilding lives.

Our services extend beyond the walls of our homes, offering support, guidance, and
opportunities for personal development.
“Seeing our residents transform their lives is the greatest reward,” Tim remarks,
highlighting the importance of community support in fostering independence and

Residents like *Maria and *John share their stories of finding not just a home but a new
beginning at Havelock Housing.

“I never imagined I could feel so empowered. Here, I’ve found more than a roof over my
head; I’ve found a community that believes in me,” says Maria. John adds, “Havelock
Housing gave me the stability I needed to focus on my career goals. I’m not just surviving;
I’m thriving.”

Join us on this journey of transformation and discover how Havelock Housing is making a
difference one home at a time.

*names have been changed to protect the identity of clients.

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