Shared Supported Accommodation

Shared Supported Accommodation provides both housing and support services for people with a disability

This may be in a group home or other living arrangement where staff are available to support the needs of the people living there. Supported accommodation is often (but not always) managed by a community or government property management, and receives support from a registered NDIS support agency.

The supported accommodation service helps you learn new things, make choices about your life and get active in the community. It will help you:

  • Look after the house, like cleaning and shopping
  • Care for yourself, like eating, getting dressed and preparing food
  • With personal hygiene, like bathing and going to the toilet
  • Be part of the local community.

Staff can also help with other things, like going to the doctor or to social activities.

Most of the vacancies in shared supported living in the region are managed by Havelock Housing. When you apply for accommodation with Havelock Housing Association, our Intake Officer will talk with you and your carers or other appropriate people about our current vacancies and the options available to you.